Sunday, March 13th: Death Valley

After a very refreshing sleep we were excited to get on the road.  First stop:  Smith’s grocery store, to stock up on a weeks worth of Nuts, Bananas, and canned soup for camping.  How are we going to cook the canned food on a fire, without a pot or anything really?  Doesn’t matter.

An hour later aaaand…. we’ve arrived at Death Valley!  The visitor center informed us that the shots of Tatooine from the original Star Wars were filmed here… and in particular, where the visitor center is today, is where the Mos Eisley spaceport was filmed!  How cool is that!

Hike Distance:  8.40 miles

Hike Time:  1:38 PM to 5:34 PM (4 hours)

Overview Map:


Photo galley of the Trail:

Craziest part was walking along a very steep slope face… Google Earth + my GPS tracker shows it quite nicely:


And here’s the picture of that part… I nice little flat trail along the slope.

2016-03-13 16.43.15

Okay time to find a place to camp!  All the official campsites were taken up, but that didn’t stop us from finding a really neat, free camping area that bordered the National Park but wasn’t quite on it’s property.  There were a bunch of RV cement pads you could park on, and what I assume were dead hookups.  Most had a firepit already created.

We were told by someone there, that an old military facility had been in that location, so there were strange objects one could find by wandering about.  Now no one’s quite sure who owns the land.

Anyway here’s the photos from our campsite!

2016-03-13 18.41.08-12016-03-13 18.40.592016-03-13 19.25.592016-03-13 20.14.31

2016-03-14 00.11.37

A little moth friend while we were playing HIve… how appropriate!



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