Friday, March 11th: Preparations

Preparations for the Westbound excursion have begun.  First there’s a bit of breakfast.

2016-03-11 09.43.47

And there’s a cat on my computer desk but I have no time for that.

2016-03-11 10.22.09

Alright, let’s remove the sleeping bags from their slumbering location of cardboard packaging.  Oh no… my new knife seems to have gotten a bit too excited and has put a sizable whole in both the sleeping bag sac and the actual sleeping bag.  Oh bother.

2016-03-11 13.49.40

Okay, time to set up the tent!  Had to rearrange the living room a bit but it fits just fine.  Doing it with one person was tough but possible.

2016-03-11 11.08.10

This was followed by about 5 hours of hectic planning by Dani and I (not pictured) into the wee hours of the night, trying to scramble a completely new plan from our original destination of Utah, to the new luxurious and exotic location of “Southern California”


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